August 24, 2010

On this rakshabandhan

From the big sis:

Your tiny fingers reach for my books
and within seconds rip them apart,
You love to throw my toys around
Way too much than your own,
You mercilessly wring out my Barbie’s head
Her Clothes, her hair and what not,
You leave sloppy wet kisses on my face
Just when I am freshly bathed and dressed,
Your sticky gooey fingers stain with different hues
Even the prettiest of my dress,
Little brother, little brother!
Do you know, you are such a bother!

Your face always lights up
Just on hearing my name,
You run around the house searching
When I am not around, I heard
You give me company when I cry
And stop only when I smile at you through my tears,
You admonish with your teeny finger
All those who tell me off,
You climb on me when I am asleep
Only to fall asleep on me,
Little brother little brother!
Though such a bother
I love you so much because you're my little brother!!

From the little brother:

My big sister loves me so so much
But why she always shouts at me?
She takes away her toys
Before I can lay my hands on them?
She never shares her books with me
Even if I wail for them?
She sits in my grandma’s lap
Just when all I wanted was a cuddle from her?
Mama shouts at her all the time
But that does not seem to set her right!

My big sister loves me so so much
She carries me all around the house.
She hugs me, kisses me and cuddles me
Just as if I were her little son.
She rocks me to sleep and sings for me,
She teaches me A,B,C.
She calls me so many names
Sometime I wonder what they mean!
Big sis, Big sis, without  doubt,
You are the best gift I have got!


Swaram said...

Aww hugs to both :) May they be there for each other always :)

Sandhya said...

Thanks Swaram...hope so too!

Rohini said...

Very nice :)

Sandhya said...

Thanks Ro.

Subhashree said...

Lovely post, Sandhya. Kids looks so adorable. I'm glad as always at seeing siblings loving each other so much. Kisses to both of them.