June 14, 2010

Im back!

Yaaawwwwnnn….!!! I have been a real slumberjack! A looong break from blogging that kept getting longer and longer…I was really lazy to get back into blogging and was totally zapped by the thought of updating all that happened in the past couple of months. However, today, with steely grit and determination, I have decided to restart and to be regular. I am not going in for a flashback, rather start with where we stand today and talk about the past as and when circumstances arise.

The break in blogging was actually initiated by a literal break. We had been to India (Kerala) on our annual vacation. The main purpose was Aarush’s choroonu which went on well at Peroorkavu ( a small temple near B’s house), Ettumanoor and Chettikulangara. It was extremely hot and humid in Kerala and to make matters worse Aarush was suffering from a persistent diarrohea. We did everything but relax. More about that later though. Really glad that I have taken that long dreaded step of restarting the blog.

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