December 28, 2009

We saw Santa

Appu had a nice time at the Kids' Christmas celebrations at Millenium Hotel. A group of children sang lovely Christmas carols. Santa gave gift hampers to the kids. Here is a photo of Appu at the event!

Appu, however, was not too conviced by Santa. Whiel returning form the event she asks:

Appu : Amma, do u think that was real Santa?
Me : Yes,that was real Santa.
Appu : No, he was speaking Arabic. Santa cant speak Arabic! And his moustache and beard was not real.
Me : Is that so? I didnt notice.
Appu : And Amma, I will tell you one more thing, Santa is not a real person. Big people tell stories to children about Santa bringing gifts so that they will be good children.

Well, I decided to keep my mouth shut about some gifts I had planned to leave under the Christmas tree with the same explanation. She is way ahead of me!

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Swaram said...

Ha ha .. so smart! Just can't beat that :)