November 1, 2009

A few cuties..

This happened the next day after Appu's birthday celebrations. We were cleaning up after the celebrations and my house resembled the aftermath of a mini tornado. B asked whether to keep the birthday candle (6) for memory sake. I was not for it as it might just add up to the clutter that I am trying so desperately to minimise. Appu immediately quips " No Amma, we will keep it...we can turn it and use it again for my ninth birthday!". And she turns the candle upside down to prove herself! innovative! Looks like cost cutting si getting into her too....

Another incident...

There is a boy in Appu's class that she has a crush on undoubtedly. Lets call him AP. She cutely throws me a hint or two at times to express her feelings. Last night we were in the car returning from Dubai after shopping. Mom was also with us. She comes up with the following questions:

Appu : What's AP's moms name?
Me : Its D

Appu : What's AP's dad's name?
me : Its P

Appu : D is acha's girlfriend. P is amma's boyfriend. So AP is...?

What could I say???

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