September 9, 2009

First Car

Is it that all girls will have a natural affinity towards dolls and other pretend toys such as kitchen set, doctor set and that boys will be more drawn towards cars, trucks, etc? I ask this coz I have never seen my daughter even giving a second look at cars and the like. Whereas, one of our friends son has such a craze for cars that he can identify the model, make etc at a glance and from any angle. And not only new models, he can even identify the classic cars and the more flashy fancy sports models as well. We believe that very soon we will be having a lot of miniature cars roaming around in our living room and there will be a lot of vrrooommmm....vrooommmm, dishyum, dishyum, etc.

B has therefore already got a car for Aarush which might be the first one of a huge collection soon. And no usual car for Mr. Prince. Its a ravishing red beauty...a Porsche Carrera. Decide for yourself. Isnt she a stunner?

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